Mighty Crow took flight in 2012, providing grant writing and project management services. Over seven years, the business has grown to provide a wide array of services that meet the needs of organizations in the public and private sector. We moved into our current location in Worthington in May of 2018.

Most people want to know how we got the name, “Mighty Crow.” The inspiration began with a poem written by Michael Kocinski, II and a character named “Keigh the Mighty Crow.” From there, comes Jake Hammond, the amateur ornithologist who loves crows and appreciated what made them unique not only to the bird world, but to animals in general. Here’s a link to learn more from Cornell University.

We connected with several crow characteristics:

  • Crows are smart and can recognize faces, make and utilize tools, and figure out complicated situations.
  • Crows are loyal and typically have one mate their entire life.
  • Crows are very social and often help one another.
  • Crows can soar in the air and see the “big picture” and also be comfortable foraging on the ground.

Our work reflects many of these crow characteristics – we work toward strong and trusting relationships with our clients, we strive for collaboration and cooperation, and we are comfortable with big picture thinking and boots-on-the-ground work.

The People of Mighty Crow

Gretchen Clark Hammond

Gretchen Clark Hammond, Ph.D., MSW, LSW, TTS, has worked in human services and addiction treatment since 1999, specializing in long-term and residential services for women and children. In 2012, Dr. Hammond became the CEO at Mighty Crow Media, LLC. Her company provides grant-writing, development, training, project implementation, evaluation, and other management services to organizations working in human services and public health.

Her career has involved working at Amethyst, Inc., as the Director of Research and Grants Management. During her tenure at Amethyst, Dr. Hammond secured over $5.4 million in new funds and managed several new initiatives and service programs, including the nationally-recognized Integrated Tobacco Treatment Program. Dr. Hammond’s insights on addiction and tobacco dependence treatment led to national consulting work with Pfizer, Inc. Additionally, providers throughout the state of Ohio have utilized her clinical and teaching skills to assist them with addiction treatment.

Mandy McGlone

Mandy McGlone, MS, LCDC III, OCPS II, TTS is a Managing Partner.

Ms. McGlone is a Project Manager and Project Director with over 20 years of tenure in the human services field. Her career includes working for the Franklin County Department of Jobs and Family Services and for Amethyst, Inc., a local non-profit addictions treatment center for women.

She has developed, implemented and overseen the administration of nationally recognized programs, including SummerQuest, a 12-week therapeutic program for children of women in recovery from addiction; it received SAMHSA’s Service to Science Award in 2007 and the 2009 Exemplary Prevention Award from the National Association of State Alcohol/Drug Abuse Directors.

Additionally, Ms. McGlone oversaw Human Resources, including workforce development and training initiatives. She received Business First’s 40 Under 40 Award in 2010 for her accomplishments in human services, including her volunteer work and community involvement. Her experience in systems-level collaboration and project management, combined with her familiarity with the mental health social service system and child welfare make her a skilled Project Director.

Ms. McGlone has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Denison University and a Masters Degree in Human Services Management from Franklin University. Ms. McGlone is an Internationally Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, an Internationally Licensed Prevention Specialist, and a Tobacco Treatment Specialist.

Kathleen Gallant

Kathleen Gallant has worked in human services administration and management for more than 10 years. She has extensive experience in planning trainings and conferences in a variety of focus areas, including addiction and recovery, trauma, and mental health.

Ms. Gallant is currently the Project Manager at Mighty Crow Media, LLC. In this role she coordinates multiple statewide conferences a year, heading up tasks such as establishing project time lines, coordinating a slate of speakers, implementing and monitoring registration and all other conference logistics.

In her previous work, she has created and managed a yearly in-house training calendar for up to 80 non-profit employees that incorporated requirements from multiple accreditation bodies, emerging practices in the field, and particular needs of staff.

She secured speakers versed in best-practices, maintained agency provider status for continuing education credits, and oversaw all training logistics, including location and advertisement details and budget management.

Jake Hammond

Jake Hammond is an accomplished IT professional, entrepreneur and volunteer. He created Mighty Crow as a vehicle to make our communities stronger, richer, and more enjoyable for all people, from all walks. Having worked long hours in management, sales and technology, he brings a broad perspective that emphasizes possibility, connection and optimism.  His passions include the arts, education and the core belief that non-profits should demand access to the same premium tools and business models used by the world's most productive companies. Mr. Hammond holds a liberal arts degree from the University of Toledo and a Masters in Business Administration from Franklin University.

Mary Clark

Mary brings over 40 years of organizational experience to Mighty Crow, having worked in higher education, lean manufacturing, commercial real estate, and financial services. Her expertise in project management, process implementation, process redesign, and fiscal operations lends itself well to the diverse client base at Mighty Crow. She previously oversaw financial aid processes and applications at a liberal arts college, worked in accounting on process improvements in a global manufacturing setting, and managed an accounts payable department for a commercial real estate firm where she implemented procurement processes and efficiencies. Mary holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership from West Liberty University.

Rebecca McCloskey

Rebecca J. McCloskey has a PhD from the The Ohio State University College of Social Work. As a licensed social worker since 2002, she has worked with children, their families, and perinatal women via case management, advocacy, and counseling services and as a clinical professor at Monmouth University’s School of Social Work. Her dissertation, sponsored by grant funding from The Ohio State University and Postpartum Support International, investigates the links between mothers' adverse childhood experiences and postpartum depression, anxiety, physical health, and breastfeeding challenges. It also examines the potential role of social support, material hardship, and discrimination in moderating these associations. Rebecca joined Mighty Crow in February 2019 and assists with grant writing, evaluations, and data analysis projects.

Michael Kocinski

Michael Kocinski, II holds a bachelor's degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Toledo and is a certified Peer Support Specialist. His experience includes working as an entrepreneur in restaurants and as a curator of community arts, poetry, and education. His experience in creative writing and workshop development resulted in numerous projects focused on using this medium as a tool for healing from trauma and other challenging situations.  He is a published poet with works in the the Mid-American Review, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Wrap Around South among many others and can uniquely claim credit for the inspiration behind the name Mighty Crow. His focus at Mighty Crow includes grant writing, curriculum development, and project management.