Transform Your Projects With Good Data.

Qualitative Research

A key part of running effective programs is a deep understanding of how people think, feel, and act toward your subject matter. Mighty Crow can help your organization gain an understanding of a particular topic by conducting surveys, focus groups and interviews.

Quantitative Research

Mighty Crow can help your organization to collect and analyze meaningful data to help uncover problems and other variables. We'll help you find and gather relevant data, then translate it into actionable findings that inform your projects, presentations, and program management.

Data Collection

Mighty Crow can help your organization gather and measure information in a systemic way so that you can evaluate outcomes in a particular program. We'll engineer smart, comprehensive datasets that measure all important aspects of your project.

Data Management

Mighty Crow can help your organization identify and maintain data processes to meet the needs of your project. We'll build thorough processes that ensure continuity and cleanliness of your program data.

Client Outcomes

Mighty Crow can help your organization define and collect client information that will help you to determine the impact of an event or program. Use this information to inform program management, or for marketing purposes.

Recent Projects


MCM worked with the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network (OSAM) to conduct focus groups in Scioto, Lawrence, and Adams counties to better understand the impact of the opioid epidemic on persons in treatment, family members of persons in treatment, and professionals working across disciplines to address the epidemic. This type of evaluation was qualitative, working to convene discussions with small groups. The most recent OSAM report is found here:


MCM is the Project Evaluator for two SAMHSA-funded projects in Northwest Ohio. The first is focused on providing education to community members on mental health signs and symptoms. The second is focused on helping persons who identify as having a mental illness or a co-occurring disorder of mental illness and substance use disorder who are also experiencing homelessness. This program provides intensive service wrap-around while working to find safe and affordable housing for individuals and families. In both projects, MCM gathers data for analysis and reporting using the SPARS system. MCM is trained in the administration of the National Outcome Measure (NOMS) GPRA reporting tool for both the Center for Mental Health Services and the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment Services.

Federal Grants

MCM is the Project Evaluator for several federal grants that require the use of a mixed methods approach, utilizing qualitative and quantitative data. MCM is accustomed to developing evaluation plans with its clients to ensure that the plan is collaborative and reasonable, while also meeting the objectives of the funder. MCM develops logic models, service maps, and theories of change to assist with the planning and project management process to ensure that the evaluation plan aligns with the services provided. MCM conducts individual-level interviews with key stakeholders to gain an understanding of personal experience with the project and the services provided.